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From "Dominik Psenner" <>
Subject RE: Strange behavior on directory delete/commit
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2011 09:47:00 GMT
>> Subversion is still an observer and whatever a user does, he must tell
>> Subversion what he did in cases where subversion can't
>> understand it by
>> itself (i.e. file/folder rename/move that preserve history across the
>> revisions). Every VCS I know works like this. Maybe one invents a VCS
>Sort of. Mercurial is perfectly happy if you tell it afterwards (before a
>commit of course) that you renamed that file and deleted the other one.
>This behavior comes in handy, if you have to rename some files in the IDE,
>because only the IDE knows what (and in which file) has to be renamed...

It smells differently, but is basically the same. :-) But now I understand
what Stefan Sperling wanted to point out.

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