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From Ulrich Eckhardt <>
Subject Re: upgrading source code in local repository
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2011 10:31:11 GMT
On Friday 29 July 2011, Brecht Ameije wrote:
> I read the referred page in the book, indeed: the script
> is exactly what I need. It implements the steps that I did by hand.

There is one thing that took me a while to understand when starting to use 
that: This doesn't preserve your local changes. Instead, after uploading a new 
upstream version, you have to apply your local changes again. Merging helps 

> But when I try it, I doesn't work as flawless as I thought it would:
> It dumps a list with all added/deleted files and gives each of them a
> number.
> Than you have to manually connect the correct numbers to say which ones
> are actually renamed files. A very tedious job, as there are +100 different
> files and the lists aren't even sorted alphabetically :(

I agree. If you know Perl, you might come up with something different/better 
or just more suitable for your case.

> Running /usr/bin/svn add -N --targets
> /tmp/svn_load_dirs_W1GIx88wmF/targets.00001
> /usr/bin/ /usr/bin/svn add -N --targets
> /tmp/svn_load_dirs_W1GIx88wmF/targets.00001 failed with this output:
> svn: warning: 'TODO_unicode@' not found
> svn: warning: 'include/ar.h@' not found

The at sign has a special meaning in SVN URL, it is used for peg revisions. 
Question is, are there files with a trailing at sign in the tree that you want 
to import? If yes, they are not handled correctly. If not, wrong filenames 
have been generated at some point. It is probably a bug either in the import 
script or SVN itself.

> Cleaning up /tmp/svn_load_dirs_W1GIx88wmF
> 	(in cleanup) cannot chdir to
> /tmp/svn_load_dirs_W1GIx88wmF/my_import_wc from
> /tmp/svn_load_dirs_W1GIx88wmF: No such file or directory, aborting. at
> /usr/bin/ line 2056

This looks strange. I know I had issues with virus scanners during imports, 
but I never managed to fully explain why and when.

> The 'not found' files, are actually the files that are added in the new
> vendor version.

Those with the trailing "@"?

> The 'no such file or dir' is in one of the two renamed folders
> ('archival/libarchive') that I marked for renaming...
> Seem like the script is looking for them in my working copy, but they don't
> exist (yet).

The script is checking out a working copy, then copying the version to be 
imported over it. For any missing/added files, it then prompts you if those 
were new file or if they were moved etc. It then performs the according "svn 
add/move/delete" calls and commits the new version. It shouldn't be looking 
for anything in already existing working copies - did you perhaps run it 
inside a working copy?



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