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Subject Proxy authentication with Negotiate uses wrong host
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2011 10:45:57 GMT
Hi folks,

I am trying to make Subversion run with our ISA proxy which advertises Proxy-Authenticate:
Negotiate, NTLM, Basic.

My Subversion version is: 1.6.7 on Windows XP, tried with 1.7-beta3 which even did not want
to accept the URL. The HTTP lib is neon because serf quit working with "svn: Error running
context: Internal error".
This is the UA sent by Subversion: SVN/1.6.17 (r1128011) neon/0.29.6

Now, when the proxy server challenges Subversion to authenticate, Subversion tries to retrieve
a service ticket for the target host /instead of/ for the proxy host. I debugged that in a
Wireshark session.
Should I file a bug report?

I already sent a mail to TortoiseSVN ml [1] but was redirected here because it uses Subversion
libs to perform authentication.

A very interesting point is that I am running the same setup on FreeBSD and the service ticket
is successfully obtained for the proxy server.


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