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From Kathy Khaghani <>
Subject [No Subject]
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2011 21:02:44 GMT
 Restored 'military/jquery.advancedSlider.min.js'
Restored 'military/style.css'
Restored 'military/index_old.php'
Restored 'military/jquery.advancedSlider.js'
Restored 'military/advanced-slider.css'
Restored 'military/jquery-1.4.3.min.js'
Restored 'military/excanvas.compiled.js'
Restored 'military/index1.php'

?       stec
?       products
?       css/milstyle.css
M       css/advanced-slider.css
M       military/embeddedssd.php
M       military/index.php
M       military/ruggedssd.php
M       v2nav/headers/v3_military_header.php
?       STEC/v2swf
?       STEC/Scripts
?       STEC/css
?       STEC/ssd
?       STEC/error404.php.k
?       STEC/script
A       STEC/webspeed/images/prod_images
M       STEC/product/mach16.php
M       STEC/product/mach8.php
M       STEC/product/kronos.php
M       STEC/interface/sata.php
?       images/military/slider-assets
You have mail in /var/spool/mail/webuser

[webuser@dev102:/sites/www/military] svn commit -m="" *
Adding         archive
Adding         archive/index1.php
Adding         archive/index_old.php
Sending        embeddedssd.php
Sending        index.php
Sending        performancessd.php
Sending        ruggedssd.php
Transmitting file data ......
Committed revision 9280.

Warning: post-commit FS processing had error 'Can't remove '/users/repos/db/transactions/9279-1.txn/
[webuser@dev102:/sites/www/military] svn list
[webuser@dev102:/sites/www/military] ll
total 96
drwxr-xr-x  3 webuser webuser  4096 Aug 15 12:37 archive
-rwxr-xr-x  1 webuser webuser 25161 Aug 15 10:53 embeddedssd.php
-rwxr-xr-x  1 webuser webuser  9846 Aug 15 10:43 index.php
drwxrwxr-x  3 webuser webuser  4096 Aug 15 12:00 _notes
-rwxr-xr-x  1 webuser webuser 17340 Aug 15 11:03 performancessd.php
-rwxr-xr-x  1 webuser webuser 20935 Aug 15 10:59 ruggedssd.php
-rw-r--r--  1 webuser webuser  2483 Apr 26 10:28 slider.xml

Thank you Michael, for your response. This server have been in production for a long time
and there is no plan to upgrade it. However openssl is installed on it, OpenSSL 0.9.7f 22
Mar 2005

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Diers [] 
Sent: Monday, August 15, 2011 7:59 AM
To: Kathy Khaghani
Cc: ''
Subject: Re: Transmitting file data .svn: Commit failed

On 2011-08-10 19:48, Kathy Khaghani wrote:
> Hello again,
> In hopes of fixing an error on apache server crashing every time a commit is done, I
upgraded my svn to:
> svnadmin, version 1.6.17 (r1128011)
> My openssl version is:
> OpenSSL 0.9.7f 22 Mar 2005
> And apache server:
> Server version: Apache/2.0.54
> So I downloaded the source for subversion and subversion-deps and compiled them:
> ./configure --with-ssl --with-libs=/usr/lib --prefix=/usr/local/src/subversion-1.6.17
> make 
> make install
> and now I get this error when I commit or svn list:
> svn: SSL is not supported
> any suggestion is highly appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Kathy

Are you really running Fedora Core 4 on your server? It was released in
2005, and has been unsupported by the Fedora Project since 2007 or so.
That means it has not seen any security updates in yonks...

The SSL library is not part of the subversion-deps tarball. You'll most
likely need to install the SSL development kit packages from the Fedora
package repository (openssl or gnutls). Or build those from source as
well, as there probably won't be any current releases packaged for FC4.

Michael Diers, elego Software Solutions GmbH,


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