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From "Dominik Psenner" <>
Subject RE: Strange behavior on directory delete/commit
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2011 09:27:48 GMT
>I'm not sure you understand the kinds problems the new working copy
>format is settling.

For me it settles the major problem of multiple .svn folders in a checkout.

> You must still use svn commands instead of OS
>commands in 1.7. That won't change. I don't think it will ever change.
>The reason is that Subversion tracks operations explicitly, rather than
>implicitly. In other words, Subversion needs to modify meta-data in
>the .svn directory if you change something. If you run an OS-level
>command the actual disk state and the meta-data get out of sync.

*sarcastic* The user does not care what levers subversion needs to pull to
show him what parts of a file were modified. */sarcastic*

>Subversion is not like git which goes "Woaaahh... I just woke up and
>now... what??? What did the user DO???  Well, whatever, I'm just gonna
>take a wild guess to deal with this and go back to bed..."

Please correct me if I'm wrong:

Subversion is still an observer and whatever a user does, he must tell
Subversion what he did in cases where subversion can't understand it by
itself (i.e. file/folder rename/move that preserve history across the
revisions). Every VCS I know works like this. Maybe one invents a VCS
filesystem that can hook into the filesystem operations, but that's
something that will be written on other papers. ;-)

Back to topic:

The current working copy layout is unable to handle the usecase I described
since it needs the missing meta-data that was stored within the deleted
folder itself. Thus Subversion < 1.7 would need a special logic to handle
these cases. One could discuss whether this should be fixed so that < 1.7
behaves on folder deletes just alike file deletes. I leave that decision up
to the devs since I'm unable to estimate the costs.

The new working copy layout does not have the meta-data within subfolders
and thus is able to commit just that change. HOORAY! This issue *can* be
solved with WC-NG without special logics!

--quote Ryan Schmidt--
I also have a feeling Subversion 1.7's new working copy arrangement will fix
or at least change this behavior.
--eof quote Ryan Schmidt--


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