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From Manuel Lemos <>
Subject Re: Logging Subversion client HTTP requests
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2011 07:20:07 GMT
Hello Les,

on 07/31/2011 01:52 PM Les Mikesell said the following:
> On 7/30/11 10:34 PM, Andreas Krey wrote:
>> Yes, it is. But it's not your problem, and I don't see why the http
>> 'wire' protocol needs to be a undocumented secret.
> If you want to see the wire protocol, just run wireshark on your client
> and filter it to catch the port and IP address of the server. That will
> show the actual exchange, not what the client or server thought was
> significant enough to log.

Been there, tried that, but wireshark does not decrypt SSL traffic 
unless you have the server SSL key, which is not the case because the 
server is not under my control.

For non-SSL traffic I have used strace on the svn command to learn what 
that command does to execute certain actions.

Anyway, I already solved my problem as I mentioned in another message, 
and it was not SubVersion related. Thanks anyway.


Manuel Lemos

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