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From Manuel Lemos <>
Subject Re: Logging Subversion client HTTP requests
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2011 07:28:22 GMT
Hello Bert,

on 07/31/2011 09:11 AM Bert Huijben said the following:
>>> Does httpclient work if you switch it to the cURL option? You may need
>>> to extend the class to provide https specific curl options [1].
>>> [1]
>> ssltls-protected-sites/
>> I just figured the problem. It was not working with Curl either because
>> I was resolving the IP address of the server before opening the SSL
>> connection and I should have used the original host name for servers
>> like this for some reason related with the way PHP establishes SSL
>> connections.
>> Anyway, this problem is solved now. Thanks for the interest in helping
> out.
>> I still have a problem with CodePlex SubVersion, which is also accSSL,
>> but I think I will figure out comparing with requests sent by the svn
>> program to non-SSL sites. I will let you know otherwise.
> Codeplex is a reimplementation of the svn server by reverse engineering
> (instead of looking at the developer documentation), so it might be

Maybe they did not find the developer documentation, as I didn't. Maybe 
I missed something obvious, but most RFC and any other documentation 
were more about WebDAV in general than SubVersion specific tasks.

> different in ways not detected by the standard libraries. (And they have
> quite a list of 'known' issues that aren't resolved yet)

I am sure about that. The specific issue that I found with CodePlex 
SubVersion responses is that it returns empty responses when doing 
PROPFIND requests with Depth header set to 1, when I expected to get the 
list of entries in the folder like all other SubVersion servers that I 

This is one case on which looking at what svn command does would be 
helpful, as CodePlex SubVersion server only works in SSL and I cannot 
tap the exchanged traffic with strace or wireshark.


Manuel Lemos

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