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From Manuel Lemos <>
Subject Re: AW: Logging Subversion client HTTP requests
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2011 07:37:09 GMT
Hello Markus,

on 08/01/2011 03:54 AM Markus Schaber said the following:
> Hi,
> Von: Manuel Lemos []
>> Sorry, I did not mention that I am writing a pure PHP client
> Hmm. Somehow even this Idea increases my headache level...
> AFAICs, the SvnKit people are the only project really trying to

Never heard of that. I will take a look if I it is easier than figuring 
what the svn command does. Thanks.

> develop an independend SVN implementation, and they go through great
> pains, even down to re-implementing SQLite...

I do not need SQLite for my purposes, but if I needed there is a native 
PHP extension for that purpose, actually just a wrapper around the C 
library like most other PHP extensions.

> I'm rather sure that PHP is not the right tool for that job.

I suspect that you have some other language preference. But my purpose 
here is peaceful, so I propose to avoid language wars, as they would not 
be helpful to anybody here.

>> Anyway, I tried to hack SubVersion program code to insert some
>> debug code to output the HTTP dialog but I got lost and could not
>> figure where exactly the HTTP requests and responses are sent.
> You should try to find calls to the serf and neon libraries, they
> encapsulate the http access.

Actually I did that but I got lost after searching for HTTP request 
names like PROPFIND because it seems the code there just queues the 
requests and executes them later. So I could not find yet the actual 
network communication code.

I know that if I spend enough time looking at networking calls I may 
find them soon or later. I just wondered if anybody had more specific 
tips (maybe documentation of those libraries) so I can find the relevant 
code faster.

>> Anybody, knows where exactly is the code that sends and receives
>> HTTP requests so I can hack it to just add some debug output in my
>> svn command copy in order to see the HTTP dialog?
> If you only want to see the http dialog, tools like Wireshark should
> do a much better job than messing up the code with debug prints.

As I mentioned before, I needed to see traffic to SSL servers, which you 
cannot see with Wireshark unless you have the server private SSL key, 
which is not the case. Thanks for the tip anyway.


Manuel Lemos

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