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From "Jan Ciesko (GMAIL)" <>
Subject svnlook changed - howto see all deleted files in pre-/post-commit hooks
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2011 15:56:31 GMT
Dear SVN-experts,

I'd like to ask if there is a way to see which particular files have 
been deleted when a directory deletion has been commited.


I add to a repository BAR/Apps the folder Jacobi. With "svnlook changed 
"$REPOS"" in the post-commit hook I get the output:
A   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/
A   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/LICENSE
A   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/Makefile
A   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/Readme
A   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/bin/
A   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/src/
A   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/src/jacobi.c

On deleting the folder Jacobi from the repository and running $SVNLOOK 
changed "$REPOS" --transaction "$TXN" I'm getting only.
D   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/

Since I'm parsing a Readme file to update a TRAC front-end, I would very 
much need to see the individual files that were deleted in the Jacobi 
folder, including the Readme. Is there a way of getting this information?

Thanks a lot,

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