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From Manuel Lemos <>
Subject Re: gzip compression (was: Re: Logging Subversion client HTTP requests)
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2011 08:00:38 GMT

on 08/01/2011 04:55 AM said the following:
> Please note that many of the responses subversoin sends are already
> compressed as binary difference streams against the previous version.
> Gzip compression on REPORT responses isn't going to yield an average
> factor 5 compression rate.

Last time that I looked, those REPORT responses were XML documents and 
the delta data seemed to be encoded in base64, so that would still leat 
to a lot of compression gains.

> Sent from my Nokia phone -----Original Message----- From: Ryan
> Schmidt Sent:  01/08/2011, 09:43 To: Manuel Lemos Cc: Andreas Krey;
> Erik Huelsmann; Subject: Re: gzip
> compression (was: Re: Logging Subversion client HTTP requests)
> On Aug 1, 2011, at 02:16, Manuel Lemos wrote:
>> Anyway, another odd thing is that the client always sends a request
>> header saying it can handle HTTP compression but SubVersion servers
>> seem to never compress responses.
>> Given than a typical gzip encoding can compress text data about 5
>> times, it seemed to me there is a great opportunity to make
>> SubVersion HTTP server accesses much faster, but that opportunity
>> is not being addressed because SubVersion HTTP servers do not
>> compress responses. Again I maybe missing something here.
> I believe that's something you can set up in your httpd.conf if
> desired. It's a feature of Apache and not specific to (nor
> configurable from) Subversion.


Manuel Lemos

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