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From Manuel Lemos <>
Subject Re: gzip compression
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2011 08:09:50 GMT

on 08/01/2011 04:43 AM Ryan Schmidt said the following:
 >> Anyway, another odd thing is that the client always sends a request
 >> header saying it can handle HTTP compression but SubVersion servers
 >> seem to never compress responses.
 >> Given than a typical gzip encoding can compress text data about 5
 >> times, it seemed to me there is a great opportunity to make
 >> SubVersion HTTP server accesses much faster, but that opportunity
 >> is not being addressed because SubVersion HTTP servers do not
 >> compress responses. Again I maybe missing something here.
 > I believe that's something you can set up in your httpd.conf if

Right, but AFAIK I have not seen any SubVersion repository that has 
enabled the gzip compression, not even Google Code, despite these days 
Google is all obcessed with performance.

 > desired. It's a feature of Apache and not specific to (nor
 > configurable from) Subversion.

Right but this is just an opportunity for SubVersion core developers to 
think about adding gzip/deflate compression built-in mod_dav_svn, 
because if they do not do it, no SubVersion repository is doing it and 
SubVersion servers could be much faster then they are today but they aren't.

I am not sure what is the way to submit improvement suggestions, but if 
any SubVersion core developer is reading this, please consider adding 
gzip/deflate compression built-in mod_dav_svn.


Manuel Lemos

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