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From Stein Somers <>
Subject 1.7 corrupts WC when reverting add of changelist member
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2011 19:53:37 GMT
When you revert an addition in your working copy, and the item appeared in a 
changelist, the working copy becomes corrupt and you can't ever use the filename 
again. I built a maintainer mode version from /branches/1.7.x@1155504 which 
balks (after a boring stack trace):

	svn: E155016: Corrupt data for '...../sandbox/wc/x'

at the end of this test script:

alias svn=$PWD/../subversion/subversion/svn/svn
alias svnadmin=$PWD/../subversion/subversion/svnadmin/svnadmin

rm -rf sandbox
mkdir sandbox
set -eux
cd sandbox
svnadmin create repo1
svn mkdir -m boot "$url"
svn co "$url" wc
cd wc
# Need at least one versioned file, otherwise there's no problem
echo first >first
svn add first
svn commit -m blah
svn up
# Try to add a file x, in an uncertain state of mind
echo x >x
svn add x
svn cl c x
svn revert x
svn add x


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