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From "Jan Ciesko (GMAIL)" <>
Subject Re: svnlook changed - howto see all deleted files in pre-/post-commit hooks
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2011 16:01:46 GMT
Thanks Ryan and David for the info, that solved my problem.
(I inspect the tree in a post-commit in the previous revision where the 
deleted files were still present.)

What I was wondering though: if I commit a delete and run any svn 
command on the REV-1 version in the post-commit hook, is it guaranteed 
that in the meantime no other commits were run, thus making REV-1 invalid?
Or in other words: pre-commit, commit and post-commit are atomic?


On 8/4/11 9:24 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Aug 3, 2011, at 08:14, Jan Ciesko (GMAIL) wrote:
>> I'd like to ask if there is a way to see which particular files have been deleted
when a directory deletion has been commited.
>> Example:
>> I add to a repository BAR/Apps the folder Jacobi. With "svnlook changed "$REPOS""
in the post-commit hook I get the output:
>> A   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/
>> A   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/LICENSE
>> A   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/Makefile
>> A   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/Readme
>> A   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/bin/
>> A   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/src/
>> A   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/src/jacobi.c
>> On deleting the folder Jacobi from the repository and running $SVNLOOK changed "$REPOS"
--transaction "$TXN" I'm getting only.
>> D   BAR/Apps/Jacobi/
>> Since I'm parsing a Readme file to update a TRAC front-end, I would very much need
to see the individual files that were deleted in the Jacobi folder, including the Readme.
Is there a way of getting this information?
> There's a slight confusion in your email, in that in a post-commit hook, you would not
have a transaction ($TXN); you would have a revision ($REV). In a pre-commit hook you would
have a transaction.
> When a commit comes in, Subversion creates a transaction, calls the pre-commit hook with
that transaction to see if the commit is allowed to proceed; if it is, Subversion promotes
the transaction to a revision, then calls the post-commit hook with that revision.
> One way to see what's in a directory would be to use "svnlook tree $REPOS $PATH_IN_REPOS".
If you're calling this from a pre-commit hook, then the directory currently still exists in
the repository and you can call it just like that, which will look at the HEAD of the repository.
If we're in a post-commit hook, the directory has already been deleted from the HEAD, so you
would need to look at the preceding revision ($REV - 1).

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