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From Andy Canfield <>
Subject Bug in Subversion regarding file attributes
Date Sun, 21 Aug 2011 11:21:56 GMT
I created a repository and created a subdirectory in it named 'scripts'. 
In this are a half-dozen Linux shell scripts. Unfortunately, I set the 
execute flag on only five of them; the sixth was untested as of my first 
commit so I had never noticed that the execute attribute was unset.

[1] I set the execute attribute and did a commit, but the file was not 
updated in the repository. Apparently the change in atributes was not 
recognized as a file change by Subversion.

[2] I touched the file - I touched ALL the files in scripts, and none of 
them was updated on the commit. Apparently the file timestamp change was 
not taken as a file change by Subversion. OK, Subversion is not storing 

[3] I edited the file, and this was taken as an update by Subversion. I 
just added a blank line to the end of it. But note that the file 
attributes now include the execute flag. I did another checkout, and 
unfortunately the execute flag is STILL not set.

In my humble opinion [1] and [3] should have resulted in the file 
attributes stored in the repository being changed.

So I did an svn delete for that file, then a commit. I restored the file 
from a backup, set the attributes, did an svn add for that file, then a 
commit. Went to another directory and did an svn checkout. OK; now the 
attributes are correct.

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