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From Alexandr <>
Subject Seeking talented developers to work on Subversion clients and merge
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2011 19:18:29 GMT
We are seeking developers to work on Subversion clients, Subversion 
merge, and related innovations in open source subversion. We are looking 
for experts and hackers to work on our distributed team, writing open 
source code, full time or part time.
* Subversion merge fix
* EasySVN -- a backrgound process to replicate files, similar to Dropbox
* Packaging these items into TortoiseSVN for distribution
* SVN clients for Mac and Linux that include these innovations

The skills that we can use include:
* Subversion core development
* Subversion client development
* Experience or computer science knowledge of merge processes and 
algorithms outside of Subversion

Assembla accelerates software development by providing tools for 
distributed teams. We currently work with 40 full time and part time 
developers and team leads in 15 countries.

Please contact us by selecting "Apply" on one of the following job forms:

1) *C/C++ developer with knowledge about code merge algorithms* 

2) *C++ developer to create custom Subversion clients* 

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