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From Giulio Troccoli <>
Subject Re: SVN detects deleted files
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 13:53:01 GMT

On 24/08/11 14:33, Stein Somers wrote:
>>> Something must have run 'svn rm' or 'svn move' on this file.
> Which could have happened long ago. Also long ago, something may have 
> recreated the actual file without reverting the delete in svn. Then 
> the effects you describe are perfectly normal. For subversion, the 
> file status was "D" all along.

I don't believe so. Just today I was working on a file. I wanted to 
commit a separate change on the same file, so I "shelved" it: rename it 
(using the mv command) and run svn update to get the original copy. I 
have used this method many, many times in the past and it has always worked.

This time, however, Subversion said that everything was up-to-date. I 
was expecting the usual "Restore" message, but it didn't happen. When I 
ran svn st I saw that the file was marked as deleted.


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