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From Keller Eric <>
Subject [Subversion] Rational Rhapsody files, lock unlock philosophy
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2011 15:21:44 GMT
Hi everybody,

We are finally switching from PVCS to subversion, and I would like to get more input from
you other user concerning the lock/modify/unlock philosophy!

Subversion as PVCS allow the use of locks. The description in your reference book:
also presents the Copy modify merge solution, which is more commonly used. Yet our manager
people are not convienced that this method is better than a lock unlock modify solution.

For giving you a short overview the project files revision in subversion are Rhapsody models,
these files data structure is ASN.1(Abstract Syntax Notation One) It is not binary.

Are there other user using subversion associated with Rhapsody files who are using the copy-modify-merge

Thank you in advance for your answers, I am looking forward for a constructive communication!

Best Regards
Eric Keller

Eric Keller
Software Engineer

Via Crusch 8
7402 Bonaduz

Phone:+41 81 660 65 16
Fax:+41 81 660 60 20

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