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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: How to solve svnadmin load "File already exists" error?
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2011 22:30:06 GMT
2011/8/23 Dennis Jones <>:
>> I tried to edit a 5 Gb file on a Linuxserver we have with vi, it took some
>> 30 minutes to open the file but it did work!
>> The format is quite simple :  a revision starts with the string :
>> Revision-number:
>> Just delete all the lines  until the next
>> Revision-number:
>> And the revision is removed from the dump. I am not quite sure if you need
>> to renumber the revisions afterwards though, but I
>> don't think so.
>> There is a problem though if what you delete is referenced later on in the
>> dump, then the load will fail.
> Unfortunately, this did not work.  I was able to split the file into
> smaller, editable pieces, cut out the bad revision, and paste it all back
> together.  However, when I attempted to start loading at the revision
> following the bad one, I got checksum mismatches.

Apparently you cannot edit the dump file with vi.

It is mentioned somewhere in the SVN Book that the dump just looks
like a textual file but actually it is binary. It explicitly does not
recommend editing it in a text editor. (So the problem with checksums
that you are facing is documented).

Can you generate a dump file for a range of revisions? Looking at [1]
you can specify a range of revisions to be dumped by rsvndump tool.


Have you tried to compare old and new repository at revision 3186.
E.g. do a checkout and compare whether files and folders all exist and
are the same?

Especially the files and folders touched by r3187.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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