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From Ray Rashif <>
Subject Re: Subversion transactions within post-commit
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2011 22:49:48 GMT
On 3 August 2011 05:47, Nico Kadel-Garcia <> wrote:
> That's what "svn checkout" for initial setup, and "svn update" or "svn
> revert" of the local copy are for.

We already have that working, I just outlined the current setup: is a direct file mirror (less revision
control; plus additional files generated post-commit dependent on the
latest version of each revision controlled file) of

Developers push stuff to somewhere (which is private in Subversion).
This private area then gets served as HTTP/FTP, edited appropriately
for public use (and also for programs as some of the files generated
after a commit are databases).

> Then you do your updates in a working copy as part of a working copy,
> and that copy has a deployment script or "Makefile" that does "rsync"
> or other mirroring tools to publish those changes to your exposed
> website. I like "Makefile" bassed approaches, myself, so I can do
> "make", "make test", and "make install".

Ahh yes. This was one of our earlier plans, but I scraped that because
it would duplicate the contents (of the SVN repo) on the server. But
let me get this right:

svn commit (anywhere) -> post-commit -> svn up (local checkout), rsync
-> local mirror -> edits ?


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