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From Joost van Dongen <>
Subject Re: SVN errors with junction points
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 07:10:58 GMT
As Mark guessed, I am indeed setting up the junction points by hand. This is
how I made it:

-Create folder D:\SVN
-Do checkout on D:\SVN with "Immediate children, including folders", so only
the folders come in and not their contents
-Do "fully recursive" update on D:\SVN\SmallFolder to get its contents
-Create folder E:\SVN
-Do checkout on E:\SVN with "Immediate children, including folders"
-Do "fully recursive" update on E:\SVN\BigFolder
-Remove the .svn folder from D:\SVN\BigFolder to make it actually empty
(required for junction points)
-Create junction point from D:\SVN\BigFolder to E:\SVN\BigFolder

That's it! To Windows Explorer, D:\SVN now looks like a complete checkout.
However, SVN now gives the errors I posted previously.

With kind regards,

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