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From "Sulser, Timothy \(IFPRI\)" <T.SUL...@CGIAR.ORG>
Subject RE: Releasing an open source subversion client
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2011 21:42:17 GMT
From: Rajith Chathunga [] 

> implementing this software only for the visualization of a subversion
repository. I think there is no way to visualize a repository in a
graphical view with existing software.I'm sending a document which
describes the functions of our project, with this email. 

My two cents: Adding the functionality that you describe to
TortoiseSVN's "SVN Revision Graph" would be interesting, from my point
of view.  In addition (though I think this is in your intentions with
this project), being able to see the paths of all merge operations would
be awesome.  With large projects, this could end up looking like a plate
of noodles, but that in itself is useful if only to communicate
complexity.  After being able to visualize everything, making the
graphic right-clickable to have a menu of svn operations available would
help pull some of those stalwart colleagues who refuse to deal with
subversion repositories beyond what is clickable with their mice.


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