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From Jan Keirse <>
Subject Betr.: Re: Issue when running svn server on windows, any help please?
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2011 10:26:17 GMT
Roland Le Franc <> schreef op 30/08/2011 12:09:22:

> Hello
> Thank you for your response, I am still facing the issue.
> I do all these operations on a private home network,between 3 PCs, so I 
> don't need to secure the svn server too much, I set read rights for 
> anonymous access, and use http (not https).
> TortoiseSVN and svn commandline give the same results:
>  > svn ls svn://localhost/ works fine
>  > svn ls svn://badname/ returns with an error
>  > svn ls svn/ and svn ls svn/nameofthepc/ hang forever, 
> and the apace logs give nothing specific. I have copied the last lines 
> of the apache logs below

What you are saying here does not really make sense. You're serving with 
apache but use svn://
That's for when you're serving with svnserve. You should be using 
something like
svn ls http://naemofthepc/reponame .
If svn ls svn://localhost really works you're probably using both Apache 
and svnserve, there's no need to do that. 
Could you provide the contents of httpd.conf? That would show if svn is 
configured properly and what the url should be. 
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