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From Ethan Oldale <>
Subject Subverison repository logon failure
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2011 23:59:45 GMT


I have three machines connected on a local network, one of which has debian and subverion/ssh/apache2/websvn
and the other two have windows and tortoise svn installed. One of the clients works fine,
however after a few successfull logons, the other computer
cannot logon, reporting a bad username or password, even though they have not been changed.
I tried removing tortoise svn, and all of its appdata and entries in the registry, and installing
it again, but it says the same thing, without even
asking for a password (even after clearing authentication data). This is very frustrating,
I even intalled silk-subversion, but it produces the same logon failure messages.
After searching for solutions, I found where subversion stores its saved passwords (C:/Users/<user>/AppData/Roaming/Subversion/auth/svn.simple
but they were empty.

Any help on how to get tortoise svn or silk-subversion to ask for a password, or reset its
stored password
would be much appreciated

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