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From "Dennis Jones" <>
Subject Re: How to solve svnadmin load "File already exists" error?
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2011 17:25:13 GMT

"Stephen Butler" <> wrote in message

>On Aug 19, 2011, at 18:45 , Les Mikesell wrote:
>> On 8/19/2011 11:20 AM, Dennis Jones wrote:
>>>> I would suggest to compare what actually is in that revision in the
>>>> old and new repository. Do they match, or anything differs?
>>> There is no new repository.  I am trying to create a new, clean 
>>> repository
>>> from the old server (of which I only have remote access).
>> Your new, clean repository should have the contents up to the commit that 
>> failed.

Okay, then I will take a look and report back.

>You could compare the histories of the problematic file (and its parent
>directories) in the two repositories.  I'll bet there's some moves and
>replacements there, as Konstantin suggests.
>Does rsvndump support moved/replaced items?  I'm sure it's not

I would assume so.  I believe there are plenty of moves/branches/tags that 
occured prior to the revision where the error occurred.

>> But, it might be easier to use svnsync to do this.
>According to the original post, the old repository doesn't support svnsync.

That is correct.  The server is pre 1.4.

- Dennis 

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