On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 3:24 PM, <michael_rytting@agilent.com> wrote:
Unfortunately, some of us don't have a choice what version of linux we have to run on.  I end up compiling almost all the dependencies for subversion myself.  I guess I'll need to track down exactly what change in the development process started breaking things.  For now, we have a solution where I've compiled on 32bit with support for libmagic manually removed.

Did you try building a 64-bit version with the same hack?  I would not expect libmagic to be related to the crashing, but there is some circumstantial evidence to say it is worth looking at.  Most notably, the support for that feature was added very late in the dev cycle and you said that RHEL 4 binaries from trunk were working for you until recently. 
As a side note, it would be nice to actually be able to add a --without-libmagic and have the configure script work without hacking.  The release notes even say libmagic is optional, but the way I see it currently, the only we the default configure won't use it is if your build machine doesn't have libmagic installed.

It should be possible to do this, so it is a bug.  I think I saw the developers discussing this on IRC, so I suspect it will be fixed if it does not work.


Mark Phippard