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From "Brendan Flanagan" <>
Subject Trunk for "Prod" and a branch for "dev"
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2011 16:25:05 GMT

One of our customers is implementing subversion and TSVN and they have
decided on a repository structure that is slightly different than "the norm"
and I wanted to check if it had any "flaws"?

They support and develop enhancements to a purchased product (they don't
have the source for the purchased product, only their enhancements).

They want "trunk" to reflect the current Production Release of their
enhancements only.  They intend creating a branch called "Development" that
the small number of developers will use day to day - i.e. they will add new
enhancements, change existing code etc.

Periodically they will merge some of the committed changes (from the Dev
branch) back to trunk and effectively create a new "Production Release" and
tag it.

On the face of it I can't see anything wrong with this approach and it's
different than others we use/have seen and doesn't follow the recommended
approach of developing in the trunk and creating release branches - but is
this structure/process going to cause any heartache for them?  I guess it
just doesn't feel right as it's different than anything we have seen before
but I am struggling to come up with a strong argument against it.

Any comments are much appreciated.


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