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From Ben Walton <>
Subject Re: failed assertion with 1.7.0_rc3
Date Sat, 24 Sep 2011 02:50:44 GMT
Excerpts from Daniel Shahaf's message of Fri Sep 23 22:32:21 -0400 2011:

Hi Daniel,

> The URL is not canonical because it contains a non-%-escaped space.
> The useful information to debug the problem would be to identify the
> caller who does not pass URLs through svn_[path|uri]_canonicalize()
> before passing them to an API function (see comments at the top of
> svn_dirent_uri.h).

Perfect.  This is very helpful.  I'll see what I can find.

Ben Walton
Systems Programmer - CHASS
University of Toronto
C:416.407.5610 | W:416.978.4302

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