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From Carlo Frinolli | nois3lab <>
Subject BBox: an open source dropbox-like client based on SVN.
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2011 13:09:26 GMT
[sorry for cross posting and spammish-like email]

 Hello community!  

I would love to inform you all that we're ready to open up and roll out something it might
interest you.
My company needed a dropbox like software that gives us the ability of sharing files, and
rolling back to certain revisions.

We *love* open source products and we dug into the server side possibilities: Subversion was
the best choice.

So we implemented a cross platform super simple subversion client (written in C++ using Qt
libraries) that gives us this very experience.

It's called BBox ( and the sources (
are released under BSD license.

We're using it in production environment since january and the actual version you'll find
on the website is pretty stable (the Mac OS X client is a bit fat but very stable, the GNU/Linux
is a .deb created for Ubuntu 10.10+, if you need it for kubuntu as of now is better to compile

The reasons I'm writing to this list are a lot:

1. I thought you'd be interested in such product
2. We are willing to understand if there's something we can do to tweak our subversion server
configuration in order to optimize everything
3. We have a couple of minor issue that are listed in the github repo
4. We *NEED* Windows debugger!

We're an all mac/linux company and none of us use windows in production so it would be great
to have help in this direction in order to get it better and better and ready for Windows
environments also.

Of course, if you like the project and you'd love to link BBox on Subversion website, we're
very happy!
And as for every open source project, use it! And debug it!! :)

Carlo Frinolli
[ creative director ]



@nois3lab (

via Atripalda 12, 00177 Roma (

@carl0s_ (


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