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From Bob Archer <>
Subject RE: Merging from main trunk to release branch
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 16:02:58 GMT
> > I'm using svn, version 1.6.16 (r1073529) on Cygwin.
> Concerning Cygwin, this is neither MS Windows nor Linux, and how much of
> each also depends on the way it is configured. In particular, you can configure
> Cygwin to use DOS-style line endings or Unix-style line endings, in order to
> easier integrate with other OSs. There is a working command line client for
> MS Windows and an even better graphical one (TortoiseSVN), so normally I
> would use those. If you really need to develop Linux software on MS
> Windows, then indeed I would also use Cygwin, but then I would keep other
> native MS Windows clients away from Cygwin working copies.
> Concerning line endings under SVN, it knows about different line endings
> (svn:eol-style property) and transcodes the files if told to. What it doesn't
> cope too well with is merging changes across changes of that property, I have
> many times seen SVN get confused and marking whole files as changed even
> though just a few lines were changed. Changing the line endings to one style
> before merging and back after that helps usually.

I think what he is saying is that he is trying to do a cherrypick merge and rather than just
the changes applied in that one revision it is bringing in more.

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