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From Gavin Baumanis <>
Subject Authentication realm
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2011 03:13:47 GMT
Hi Everyone,

We recently created a DNS entry for our subversion repository.
Prior to this we just use the private LAN IP address to access the repo via http (Apache)

Post the change to having a hostname to use I created a new branch - and used the host name
to do this.

Subsequently when I perform an svn update I a now prompted for username and password for the
named instance of our repo.
I did some reading in the "good" book.
and used svn switch
(svn switch old_IP_address new_HostName_Address

at the root of my working copy.
svn info confirms that the repo address is now set to the hostname version of the URL.

However I am still getting prompted for a username and password.
If I enter the "usual" password  - all is good... but the prompt is playing havoc without
Continuous Integration scripts.

Some more reading suggests that I might need to add a new authentication realm and users via;

I was hoping that I might just get some confirmation that is indeed what I need to do - before
I go "playing" with the config scripts.

As always - a big thanks for your help.

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