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From "Cooke, Mark" <>
Subject RE: issue-tracking + subversion (via svn+ssh)
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2011 09:24:16 GMT
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> From: Ted Stern [] 
> Sent: 07 November 2011 23:23
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> Cc: Nico Kadel-Garcia
> Subject: issue-tracking + subversion (via svn+ssh)
> I'm attempting to coordinate issue-tracking software with my
> subversion repository.
> We have an existing Bugzilla database and an existing subversion
> repository that is accessed via svn+ssh through a single account, as
> described in the manual here:
> I looked into using SCMBUG to do the coordination, but I have to be
> running on the same server as the bugzilla database (which is handled
> through the 'apache' user) and then need direct file access to the
> subversion access, which I have restricted to the 'svnuser' user.
> So at first, second and third glances, I don't see any way to do this.
> Therefore I'm looking at using Trac instead: I can start a separate
> Trac server under the 'svnuser' account, which would then have safe
> direct file access to the subversion repository.
> But this means that I have to convert my existing Bugzilla database to
> Trac, and some users will have to learn a new tool, not to mention
> getting management approval for a different process.
> Has anyone else dealt with Bugzilla integration with a
> restricted-access repository like this?  And if you abandoned
> Bugzilla, what issue tracker did you use instead?
> Thanks, Ted
I moved an old bugzilla database to Trac here, there are scripts to help you do it (although
I had to fix the python version I used to make it work for us).  However, we serve both through
apache on a single windoze server, so I cannot help with the restricted access part of your

~ mark c
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