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From "Cooke, Mark" <>
Subject RE: Queries about SVN (Security related)
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2011 07:17:33 GMT
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> From: Jerryleen S [] 
> Sent: 25 November 2011 06:32
> Subject: Queries about SVN (Security related)
> Dear Sir,
> We are in the process of selecting SVN system in our company, 
> could you please clarify following points.
> 1. Restricting branching activity based on roles specified. 
>    That is denying branch functionality to users based on there roles.
> 2. Denying delete/add folder to certain users, it is not just 
>    r or r/w. if user has r/w access but shouldn't have delete or 
>    add access, only modify commit should be accessible.

This functionality is not "baked in".  It might well be possible to do with a pre-commit hook
but you (your admin team) would need to write and maintain the script.  Personally I have
not tried to do such things.

> 3. Is it possible host repos in 2 different physical locations? 

What do you mean by host?  There is built-in support for providing read-only mirrors (also
as write-through proxies) but if you want multiple 'master' repositories then you need to
look to WanDISCO's proprietry MultiSite extension.

> 4. How to delete folders or file permanently.

I assume you mean "remove completely from all history"?  Ignoring all the arguments about
if a source control product should even allow this, it is only currently possible by 'dump',
'dumpfilter' and 'reload'ing the whole repository.  It is a feature on the roadmap (
called 'obliterate' but not soon.

> As of now we are using following software for svn access:
> Collabnet Subversion Edge 2.0.1
> SVN 1.6
> Tortoise 1.6.
> We are using SVN system as trail basis before adapting for 
> entire company. So please clarify above issues. 

I assume you have found and read the online subversion book?

> Thanks & Regards,
> Jerryleen S
> Project Coordinator, PRDC
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...can you remove the above disclaimer from posts to public mail lists (it makes no sense)?

~ mark c

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