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From Markus Schaber <>
Subject AW: Backup of VisualSVN
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2011 07:36:28 GMT
Hi, Big George,

Von: Big George [] 
> I've got installed a VisualSVN in a Windows Server 2003 (it has just a drive C: with

10GB? That's a little small for a Windows Server 2003. Where did you get such ancient hardware?

If it is a virtual machine, maybe you could use the virtual machine snapshot mechanism instead?

> I'm planning to backup a VisualSVN server in this way:
> - Make a disk image with Ghost or some other software of my Windows Server 2003.
> - Every night make a copy of the whole folder: 'C:\Repositories'
> - If I upgrade VisualSVN version, I should make again other disk image.
> In case of disaster recovery, in order to restore server, I would only need to:
> - Restore Ghost image in a new server
> - Paste folder 'C:\Repositories' from backup to new server
> My question are:
> - Would it work?

AFAICS, it could work, given the following conditions:
- You strictly don't apply any other changes (like automatic windows updates) to filesystem
locations outside of the C:\Repositories.
- During the backup of C:\Repositories, you make sure that no software is accessing the repositories
(e. G. shutting down all SVN server processes, prevent local file accesses, etc.) or use svn
hotcopy to copy the repo.

>- Is 'C:\Repositories' the only folder that I have to backup? Do I have to backup any
other thing?

If all your repositories are contained in that folder, it should be enough.


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