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From "R. Cody Erben" <>
Subject Re: SVN 1.7 repository + Jenkins
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2011 04:31:20 GMT
On Dec 06, 2011, at 19:33 , Daniel Becroft wrote:

> Hi,
> We're testing upgrading our SVN repositories to 1.7 format, and have noticed something
a bit strange.
> In Jenkins (1.441), I can set the SVN URL to checkout from, and it validates whether
it is correct. With a 1.7 repository, however, it doesn't seem to validate correctly (error
is "/trunk/foo doesn't exist in the repository"). I'm not sure exactly what command it is
using to connect/validate, but from the svnserve logs, I can see the following:
> <snip>
> The 1.7 repositories were created with svnadmin create/svnsync, rather than a dump/load
> Using the same version of Jenkins (and SVN client), it seems that the check-path lines
are incorrect for 1.7 (it's doubling up). I can successfully checkout the repositories from
both servers.
> We've also noticed some similar messages appearing with Subclipse, but these appear to
be sporadic.
> Any ideas?

This has been fixed in SVNKit 1.3.7, but not rolled up into the Jenkins Subversion plugin
as of yet.  The SVNKit issue ( was spawned from
this svn-dev discussion with the details --

For my jenkins + svn usage, I was able to back down to 1.6 for now.  I imagine it will not
take too long to get this rolled up through Jenkins into the Subversion plugin, tracked in
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