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From Jan Keirse <>
Subject svnsync, discard master and start using slave as new master
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2011 10:44:49 GMT

I have a master and a slave. Now I want to discard the current master
and start using the slave as the new master (creating a new slave on
another server and stop the server that currently runs the master.)

I think the steps to do this are the following:
* Change authz on the master so that nobody can commit.
* Sync the slave one last time so it's certainly up-to-date.
(Shouldn't be necessary for us because this is done automatically in a
post-commit hook of the master.)
* Remove the svn:sync-* properties from revision 0 of the slave.
* Change authz and hooks on the slave to what they used to be on the master.
* Have everyone relocate their working copies to the new server.
* Start syncing a new server so we have a slave just in case something
goes wrong on the master.

Is this correct? Is there something I forgot?

Version: svn 1.6.17 fsfs, served by Apache 2.2.21 on windows, old
server = 32bit, new server = 64 bit.

Kind Regards,

CORPORATE SERVICES • Software Engineer

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