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From Erik Hemdal <>
Subject make check failure in op-depth-test SVN 1.7.2/Ubuntu 8.10
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2011 20:47:11 GMT
I'm building SVN 1.7.2 from source, and while the build completes, the op-depth-test (17 of
84 in the test suite) is shown as failed.  This is the first time I have ever encountered
errors in the SVN test harness.


Downloaded subversion-1.7.2.tar.gz
Confirmed the SHA1 checksum ok.
Unpacked; ran at the top of the source tree.
./configure; make; make check

I found some references to op-depth-test failing related to 1.7.0-alpha1 and 1.7.1, but nothing
that makes sense to me.  Some posts indicate that this might be a build problem on my machine,
but other posts refer to fixes, like r1167228 and r1132796.

I found a defunct process lt-svnadm on my machine after starting the test run.  I'm not sure
if that's related, but it is unusual.

Can anyone suggest either a trailhead to start looking for the cause of trouble?  Or at least
what I can do to generate more useful data about it?

Thanks!  Erik

Erik Hemdal
Software Engineer
Comprehensive Power, Inc.
420 Northboro Road
Marlborough, MA 01752
(508) 460-0010 X24

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