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From Attila Nagy <>
Subject Can't check out with serf
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2012 13:55:36 GMT

I'm using subversion 1.7.2 with serf 1.0.0 on FreeBSD to check out, but it 
fails at:
bootvm# svn co
A    controller/atmegadci_atmelarm.c
A    controller/at91dci.c
A    controller/xhcireg.h
A    controller/musb_otg_atmelarm.c
A    controller/at91dci.h
A    controller/ehci_pci.c
A    controller/ohci_atmelarm.c
A    controller/uss820dci_atmelarm.c
A    controller/ehci.c
A    controller/ohci_s3c24x0.c
A    controller/ehci_mv.c
A    controller/ohci_pci.c
A    controller/atmegadci.c
A    controller/ehcireg.h
A    controller/ehci.h
A    controller/musb_otg.c
A    controller/at91dci_atmelarm.c
A    controller/uhci_pci.c
A    controller/avr32dci.c
A    controller/avr32dci.h
A    controller/ohci.c
A    controller/atmegadci.h
A    controller/musb_otg.h
A    controller/uss820dci.c
A    controller/ohcireg.h
A    controller/xhci_pci.c
A    controller/ohci.h
A    controller/xhci.c
A    controller/usb_controller.c
A    controller/xhci.h
A    controller/uhci.c
A    controller/uss820dci.h
A    controller/uhcireg.h
A    controller/ehci_ixp4xx.c
A    controller/uhci.h
svn: E175009: XML parsing failed: (207 Multi-Status)

With neon, the checkout succeeds.

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