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From Julius Smith <>
Subject Re: Upgrade to v1.7 = death of working copies
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 06:45:24 GMT
At 10:18 PM 5/10/2012, Dave Huang wrote:
>  why would you need to upgrade the server first? All 1.x Subversion 
> clients and servers are compatible with each other. You can use a 
> 1.7 client with a 1.6 server (or a 1.0 server) if you want. This is 
> mentioned in the FAQ:

My experience was different - I could not check into the 1.6 server 
on Linux (with 1.6-format repo) from my 1.7-upgraded working copy 
(with 1.7 svn client) on the Mac.

> > Also, what happened to compatibility across at least one major 
> release number?  I thought nearly all software packages did that.
>Well, 1.6 and 1.7 are only a minor release number apart, so 
>compatibility across a major release number doesn't seem to be 
>applicable in this case.

That makes my point all the more forcefully.

Anyway, I do have progress to report.  I did manage to downgrade to 
1.6 on my MacBook.  Apparently MacPorts only *said* it was installing 
1.7, when really installed what I asked for.  Very strange.

- jos

"Anybody who knows all about nothing knows everything" -- Leonard Susskind

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