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From Christophe R <>
Subject svn commands and dos redirection
Date Mon, 07 May 2012 04:23:59 GMT

Under Windows XP, with svn 1.6.17  (I also tried with 1.7.4) running
svn pl -R -v .
works as expected (I get a line "properties on <item>, followed by the 
properties), for each item.

But when I redirect the same command  to a file:
svn pl -R . >foo.txt
the output in the resulting file is out of order: the "propeties on '.' 
" line shows up after 658 lines of properties! And it is followed by 100 
lines "properties on". There are long blocks of properties without 
"properties on" header.

adding the --xml option keeps the proper order, both on console and when 

This makes it difficult to write DOS scripts that handle svn output...I 
have also tried using loops instead of redirection, but things still 
show out of order:
FOR /F "usebackq tokens=* " %% IN in (`svn pl -R -v .>`) DO (ECHO %%G)
I also try piping, no luck, the following gives a messed up output too:
svn pl -R -v . | more

I ended up looping on each item, calling svn pl each time, but this is 
painful (dealing with hidden items etc...)

svn pg seems to be working.

Is it just me? Or a defect? Any workaround (other than --xml or using 
something more evolved than batch file)? Would there be other commands 



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