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From Stefan Podskubka <>
Subject Re: Error with file externals
Date Tue, 08 May 2012 13:50:27 GMT
Hello list,

> I tried coming up with a simple repro-script but there it worked, of 
> course...
I didn't manage to reproduce the error with the file:// protocol, but 
with http:// I was able to reproduce it.
Still on Windows 7, still using subversion 1.7.4 on the client and 
subversion 1.4.3 on the server with Apache 2.0.52 serving the repository. is an empty repository.

The script:
svn co wc123
echo test >wc123\test1.txt
svn add wc123\test1.txt
svn ci -m "initial checkin" wc123
svn up wc123
svn propset svn:externals "^/test1.txt test2.txt" wc123
svn up wc123
svn up wc123

The last update outputs the following:
Updating 'wc123':

Fetching external item into 'wc123\test2.txt':
svn: warning: W160016: Failure opening '/test1.txt/test2.txt'

At revision 1.
svn: E205011: Failure occurred processing one or more externals definitions

I tried the same with the subversion repository (apparently subversion 
1.7.0), there I could not reproduce the error with the following script. 
Everything went well.
C:\SVN>svn co wcsvn
C:\SVN>svn propset svn:externals "../INSTALL INSTALL" wcsvn
C:\SVN>svn up wcsvn
C:\SVN>svn up wcsvn

So maybe it is related to the server version and the communication protocol.

Anyway, if the bug cannot be found I could always use directory 
externals instead of file externals, they work just fine.

Best regards,

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