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From Dave Huang <>
Subject Re: Upgrade to v1.7 = death of working copies
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 05:18:09 GMT

On May 10, 2012, at 8:43 PM, Julius Smith wrote:

> On my MacBook, MacPorts upgraded me to subversion 1.7 at some point, and when notified
to upgrade my working copies, I did so.  My svn server is a Linux machine running Fedora 16
(the most recent Fedora release of last November).  Unfortunately it does not offer subversion
1.7 and will only go up to 1.6.  (Version 1.7 is available in an alpha future version of Fedore,
but I cannot risk going to that on my server.) nCoincidentally, I was cut off from my server
for a week due to a spurious IP address change by comcast, so now I cannot check in a week's
worth of changes in several working copies.  I tried downgrading to 1.6 in Mac Ports, but
no matter what I do it insists on installing 1.7, ignoring my specification of a 1.6 release
that I know exists.  So, three bug reports:
> 1. MacPorts refusing to downgrade back to 1.6.
> 2. Fedora not offering the latest stable version of subversion.
> 3. Subversion allowing working copies to be "upgraded" without verifying that they can
be checked in afterwards.  In other words, the server should be required to upgrade first.

I don't have any ideas about 1 and 2, but for #3, why would you need to upgrade the server
first? All 1.x Subversion clients and servers are compatible with each other. You can use
a 1.7 client with a 1.6 server (or a 1.0 server) if you want. This is mentioned in the FAQ:

> Also, what happened to compatibility across at least one major release number?  I thought
nearly all software packages did that.

Well, 1.6 and 1.7 are only a minor release number apart, so compatibility across a major release
number doesn't seem to be applicable in this case.

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