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From Asher Stern <>
Subject Merge and record-only question
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 10:42:31 GMT

I have a question about merge, reintegrate and record-only.

We use SVN version 1.6

I am working on trunk, let's call it T.
My colleague works on a branch (branched from trunk), let's call it B.

We want to merge back, i.e., merge --reintegrate from B to T.
However, there are some changes in B that we do NOT want to be copied to T.

We considered the following steps:
1. merge --reintegrate
2. Then, manually, in the working copy of T, revert all unnecessary changes
in B that we don't want to be merged into T.
3. Then, in the working copy of T: svn commit.
4. Then, keeping the branch B alive, by merge --record-only.
5. Now we have T and B, but they are NOT identical.
6. Continue working separately on T and B, making merges from T to B from
time to time, and eventually, after several months, making again merge
--reintegrate from B to T.

The question is whether it is possible. Is it OK that T and B will not be
identical after the reintegrate, and continue working on B?
Might such a scenario cause problems in future merges (from T to B and from
B to T)?

Thanking you all in advance,
Asher Stern

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