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From Jose Luis Gonzalez <>
Subject Mod_dav_svn 1.4.6 and SVN server 1.6.17 compatibility
Date Mon, 14 May 2012 14:25:30 GMT

Has anyone replaced SVN Server libraries 1.4 with server libraries of SVN
1.6, while maintaining mod_dav_svn 1.4 and repository 1.4, without issues?

Currently we have a SVN server 1.4* and a repository 1.4 working ok, but
our project (thousands of files – 250 MB) takes 20 minutes to checkout. We
are trying to reduce checkout time, but at this time it’s difficult to us
to perform a full upgrade of repository + server + developer clients to 1.6
or 1.7 versions.

By chance, testing with a copy of our production system, we have found that
the performance significantly increased only replacing the server libraries
to 1.6.17, while maintaining the current version of the repository (1.4)
and the libraries used in Apache mod_dav_svn and mod_authz_svn (1.4.6).

We have not found issues yet, testing branching and merging. Moreover it
seems that the new features of svn 1.6 are hidden to SVN clients (maybe
because of mod_dav_svn 1.4), but we are worried about compatibility between
Mod_dav_svn 1.4.6 and SVN server 1.6.17 or a long term issue.

* SVN Server 1.4.6 installed into Solaris + mod_dav_svn (Apache 2.2.21).

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Jose Luis Gonzalez

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