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From James Hanley <>
Subject Checking for merge updates with "svn status -u -g"
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 13:32:05 GMT
When creating a branch, it would be very useful if merge data could
optionally be included in svn status -u with the -g option.
Essentially, it would tell you if there are changes upstream from the
origination of the branch... I'm not entirely certain what the output
should look like, but it might indicate a table key of ancestry at the
top and a similar output to "svn status -u" with indication of where
the ancestry has the update yet to be merged:

[a1 = /trunk]
[a2 = /branches/team_branch_base]
[a3 = /branches/userbob_feature_widget]
            *     517   ./hello.c
[a1]        *     507   ./world.c
            *     517   ./foo.h
            *            ./bar.h
[WC] M            569   ./dir
[WC] M            569   ./dir/file.c


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