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From anatoly techtonik <>
Subject Re: 'svn incoming'
Date Tue, 08 May 2012 14:55:48 GMT
On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 5:43 PM, Stefan Sperling <> wrote:
> On Tue, May 08, 2012 at 05:33:15PM +0300, anatoly techtonik wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Mercurial has a very convenient command "hg incoming" which is
>> basically "what's new" for incoming changes. Will it be nice to add
>> the same capability to Subversion? `svn log -r BASE:HEAD' works ok,
>> but not everybody proficient enough to know about it.
>> Please, CC.
>> --
>> anatoly t.
> Maybe you want "svn status -u" ?
> Or if you want to see the changes in detail, try:
>  svn diff --old=. --new=^/trunk
> This command assumes you're in a working copy of "/trunk".
> Adjust as necessary if your working copy came from a different path
> in the repository. On Unix-like systems this alternative will work
> in the root of any working copy: svn diff --old=. --new="`pwd`@HEAD"

The required functionality (without diffs) in svn is implemented as:
   svn log -r BASE:HEAD

What I want is a usability fix - command that corresponds to the
actual action user has in head:
1. "check if there are any incoming revisions"
2. "inspect incoming revisions"

This is quite a popular request among Git users too:


Here is the example output (without diffs):
[rietveld]$ hg inc
comparing with
searching for changes
changeset:   844:e93557b66343
branch:      chromium
parent:      832:fae51921ad9d
user:        Roger Tawa <>
date:        Thu Apr 26 15:37:05 2012 -0400
summary:     Update the get_pending_try_patchsets endpoint to support a cursor

changeset:   845:140baeb01745
parent:      843:a7a7f3bb8799
user:        Andi Albrecht <>
date:        Sat Mar 03 22:06:04 2012 +0100
summary:     Add shortcut (arrow up/down) to focus on next/previous
line in side-by-side view.

changeset:   846:2a83eaa50ed6
user:        Andi Albrecht <>
date:        Sun Mar 18 08:11:23 2012 +0100
summary:     Correct keyboard shortcuts in popup help.

changeset:   847:9ea01dc1c46e
user:        Andi Albrecht <>
date:        Fri Apr 06 23:07:20 2012 +0200
summary:     Add message from when updating an issue (fixes issue351).

Please, CC.

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