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From Joel Low <>
Subject Serf: Error retrieving REPORT (120105): APR does not understand this error code
Date Tue, 15 May 2012 03:10:35 GMT

I was doing a switch for my Apache HTTPd WC from the 2.2 tag to the latest
2.4 tag in preparation for building 1.7.5's mod_dav_svn. I am using Serf as
the RA layer: after a minute or two I get the message in the title; I don't
get the problem using Neon. I've already done a Wireshark capture, so let me
know who to email it to if it would help debugging.

I think I need to disclaim that I am connected to s.a.o from Singapore,
where there is a transparent HTTP proxy implemented at the national level
for all HTTP requests being routed out of the country. It could be that
causing the misbehaviour with Serf.

Thanks in advance.


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