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From Andreas Tscharner <>
Subject RE: 'svn incoming'
Date Tue, 08 May 2012 15:00:22 GMT
> > Mercurial has a very convenient command "hg incoming" which is
> For clarification what "hg incoming" means:
> "hg incoming" shows the changesets that are new on the server
> and that will come if the user says "hg pull"...
> The equivalent command for subversion would be a preview what
> changes "svn update" would apply.

I should read the whole help text (and not only the first line) before replying! Sorry, about
the noise.

Of course

svn status -u

would (among other things) show you the FILES and DIRECTORIES that are newer an the server.
To show only these files, one should probably pipe the output through grep (Check for the
star "*")

svn status -u | grep \*

This shows you only the files however and not the changesets.

Best regards and sorry again
Andreas Tscharner                      <>
"Intruder on level one. All Aliens please proceed to level one."
                                      -- Call in "Alien: Resurrection"

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