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From Lorenz <>
Subject Re: Upgrade to v1.7 = death of working copies
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 05:54:45 GMT
Julius Smith wrote:
>On my MacBook, MacPorts upgraded me to subversion 1.7 at some point, and
>when notified to upgrade my working copies, I did so.
>[...] so now I cannot check in a week's worth of changes in several
>working copies.

without any more information regarding what you are trying exactly and
what error messages you get then, there is little chance anyone can
help you.

>3. Subversion allowing working copies to be "upgraded" without verifying
>that they can be checked in afterwards.  In other words, the server should
>be required to upgrade first.
>Also, what happened to compatibility across at least one major release
>number?  I thought nearly all software packages did that.

there should be no problem commiting from a 1.7 WC to a 1.6 server.
But again: without more details ...


what protocol (file://, svn://, http://)?
can you check out a new WC and commit from that?
do all upgraded WC have problems?


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