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I have downloaded the Windows version (.msi installer) maintained by David Darj (http://alagazam.net/) and I would like to know whether or not this new 1.7.5 version is compatible with Apache 2.4 VC10 builds downloaded from ApacheLaunge.com


I’ve been using Subversion 1.7.4 without problems on Apache 2.2, but it did not work on Apache 2.4. So this new version fixes this issue ?


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My release is NOT compatible with Apache httpd 2.4.

I did a test doing my build against Apache httpd 2.4 including building httpd itself.
It's not very well tested (all svn tests passes though), and I don't know if it's compatible with
ApacheLaunge https as I use VC6 (yes it's ancient, I know ;-) but if you want I can give you a link to test it.

David Darj a.k.a. Alagazam