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From Thorsten Schöning <>
Subject Re: Need advise for branching/tagging/trunking an entirely new revision of trunk
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2012 07:42:52 GMT
Guten Tag Daevid Vincent,
am Samstag, 14. Juli 2012 um 02:56 schrieben Sie:

> Now we want to re-design. This includes directory structures, files, code,
> etc.

Does this include directory structure within the repo, for example
move trunk to the first directory level etc.?

> I was thinking we just want to shove everything that is now 'trunk' into a
> 'branch' and start with a clean slate in 'trunk'. Everyone will re-checkout
> and we will re-export on the production server too. We are only 3
> developers, so impact is minimal whatever we decide.

If the directory structure within the repo stays the same, there's no
need for a new checkout. Only if you move trunk some levels above. In
my opinion your "mycompany" within the repo is unnecessary and I would
even think to divide your projects into separate repos and only have
trunk, branches and tags in them. would become it's own
repo with only trunk etc. in it. But this depends heavily on the data
and in your projects and how much you can and want to share between
other projects etc. Maybe you should say a bit more about how many
projects you have and of which kind they are. If it's only some web
apps, I wouldn't export them on the server, too, but create tags for
productive versions and check them out as normal working copy.

> [a] is this advisable? if not, what is the proper way to do this?

Restructuring things is nearly always advisable. :-)

> [b] what would be the SVN commands to accomplish this?

This depends on what you will actually do in the end,  svn cp and svn
mv may be enough, if you divide your repo into project specific ones
you would have to create new ones with svnadmin create and dump and
load the current into different specific repos etc. Have a look at svn
help and svnadmin help.

> [c] we've never done any branching or tagging before. We simply use SVN for
> the very basics to commit, revert, archive/backup, export/checkout, etc...

Can't see a question here. ;-)

> We're running Subversion 1.6.16 if that matters.

I would upgrade the server and client to the most current version,
first, especially the new working copy format make life easier on
moving and copying directory structures on filesystem or svn-working
copy-level. If you are on Windows, restructuring with Tortoise is very
easy, as everything you do is moving things in Windows Explorer and
decide if it should be a working copy-level operation or not.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Thorsten Schöning

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